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    The River of Xianghe   作者:Liu Renqian
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    This book is dedicated to my hometown where I was born and raised, as well as to the dead and living villagers.
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    Chapter Ten

        Hunchback Tan stole fish in Yang’s Village, was caught on the spot.

        Er Kuazi didn’t know about it until people talked about this when buying things in his store. Normally, Hunchback Tan was very friendly and kind-hearted, how could he go and steal fish from someone’s family fishing pond? He would not believe it if it were only some rumour. Hunchback Tan and he were old brotherly friends for many years, although he was much younger, they were in the same generation. Whenever “Black V..

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    Xianghe County, a contemporary Chinese rural parable, is expected to attract more foreign friends.

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